What should be noted when applying Vietnam Visa at Vietnamese Embassy?

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/What should be noted when applying Vietnam Visa at Vietnamese Embassy?

Applying Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in their local country makes foreign tourists feel secure because they will get a visa stamped on their passports before arrival. However, due to its complex procedures, you should notice the followings points.





Normally, to obtain a visa at Vietnamese Embassy in your country, you should contact the embassy officers in advance to know about the requirements and necessary documents in your case. This is because in reality, visa applications are not completely the same, but vary depending on each Embassy/ Consulate.

Important notes:

+ Learn about all information to prepare all documents carefully, which may vary depending on visit purposes

+ Contact the Vietnamese Embassy in advance to know  their working schedule and other necessary information to ensure that the Embassy will accept your documents

+ Check your passport carefully and make sure that it is still valid at least 06 months left

+ Plan to enter Vietnam so that it is not earlier than the date in Approval Letter issued by the Vietnamese Embassy

Certainly, it will take from 04 to 05 days, even a week to obtain a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy. Therefore, if you have only about 03 days before arrival, you should not apply by this way. This is because in case your visa application is not approved, the trip may be cancelled, which means your money is wasted. In addition, if you live too far away from Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, it will take a lot of time and effort to travel.

In this case, you’d better use a service company for simple registration and quickly process. All you have to do is just providing us your personal information upon request and then, after 01 to 02 working days or within 30 minutes (in urgent cases), you will receive an Approval Letter. After that, we will instruct you to get a visa.

If you find it difficult to prepare your application at Vietnamese Embassy, ​​do not have time or worry so much about visa results, we will support you quickly with reasonable cost and ensure 100% approval rate.

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