What Is The Vietnam Private Approval Letter?

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/What Is The Vietnam Private Approval Letter?

There are many people wondering what is the entry official document? Because the concept of entry official document is quite strange for Vietnamese people. However, this document has been applied to international visitors for over 15 years. Instead of using traditional visas, foreign nationals often apply for immigration documents to clear customs into Vietnam. So, what is the power of immigration dispatch? For answers, please follow the article below.




What is an official immigration document?

The official immigration document is a sheet of approval from the Immigration Department about allowing a company or enterprise in Vietnam to sponsor foreigners to enter Vietnam for traveling, visiting relatives, working, trading, investment, etc.

To have an official immigration document, the person who invited the company to guarantee the foreigner must submit a procedure to the Immigration Department for approval for the customs clearance for foreigners.

On the letter, the official letter will specify the contents such as information about individuals, companies / enterprises guaranteeing foreigners; personal information of foreigners; the time limit for entry and stay of foreigners in Vietnam and the place for receiving Vietnamese visas (for example: Moc Bai border gate or Tan Son Nhat airport, etc).

Why should we do official immigration documents?

Previously, foreigners who wanted to enter Vietnam had to go to the Vietnamese Consulate office in their countries of residence to apply for a visa. However, some countries do not have a consular post in Vietnam, applying for a visa will be extremely difficult for citizens of these countries.

Realizing that inadequacy, international travel businesses have applied information technology to provide visa services and are supported by many people. This trend is therefore increasing due to simple procedures and high success rates.

With the traditional way of applying for a visa, the applicant must make the file quite complicated, time consuming and costly. While applying for an immigration letter, you only need to go through the guarantee of a travel agency that is legally qualified to be able to easily return to Vietnam.

Compared to applying for a visa, it is also much cheaper to do official immigration documents. You can verify by contacting Vietnam Booking immigration service.

Official entry documents allow foreigners to clear customs into Vietnam. However, before entering this country, you will be stamped on the Passport by a customs officer at a gate, waterway border or international airport. If you do not stamp your visa, your entry letter will not be valid.

Is it safe to use official immigration entry document ?

As a rule, to apply for an immigration letter, you must be guaranteed by a company or an enterprise in Vietnam.

• Companies and businesses in Vietnam guarantee foreigners to Vietnam for the purpose of business, trading, market researching, etc.

• Guarantee tour company with the purpose of sightseeing and tourism in Vietnam.

All companies providing services to enter Vietnam must meet the legal requirements, have business licenses, seals and sample signatures of the company's representatives in accordance with the Immigration Department's regulations.

In case of detection of fraud, foreigners can contact the Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security or the Vietnamese Consulate agency to denounce and claim.

In fact, companies that provide entry dispatch services for foreigners are under the control of the law and will be criminally handled if there are signs of fraud. The difference between service companies lies in the professionalism, the ability to support, advise customers, the process of preparing documents and high or low service costs.

Therefore, Vietnamese citizens residing abroad and foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam can feel secure when they come to Vietnam immigration services. What you need to do choosing a service company which you can trust.

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