What do foreigners like most when traveling to Vietnam?

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/What do foreigners like most when traveling to Vietnam?

It is said that the reason to love a city or a country is not in things, but in someone you love there. However, you can fall in love with Vietnam and its simplicity; even it is the first time you come here while nobody you love is here. So, are you curious about what tourists like most when visiting Vietnam?





Despite all differences in lifestyle and culture, Vietnam attracts foreign travelers due to its natural landscapes, friendly people and interesting traditional stories.

1. Vietnam - a safe destination

When planning for a trip, firstly, tourists must choose a safe place to go. In their eyes, Vietnam is such an attraction, especially for those who travel alone.

Business Insider chose Vietnam as the safest and friendliest country in Southeast Asia among 30 ideal destinations. Also, according to The Economist (an English-language weekly magazine), Ho Chi Minh City also ranked the 48th of the top 50 safest cities to travel in 2015.

However, it was not the first time Vietnam was glorified on worldwide websites or magazines. Last year, Vietnam was ranked 45th for security and 2rd for happiness index by Business Insider. De Morgen (a Belgium newspaper) also praises the S-shaped country for being particularly suitable for female visitors.

2. A country full of wonderful landscapes

Vietnam is endowed with natural scenery spreading from the North to the South that never fails to amaze tourists. It is also present in the world’s list of most attractive destinations many times.

Besides Hanoi - the capital of peace; Ha Long - UNESCO World Heritage Site, Son Đoong - the biggest natural cave all over the world and glamorous terraced fields in Northwest, there are the most beautiful beaches stretching from the North to the South together with many famous landscapes and historical sites.

3. Long history

Vietnamese culture and history have passed through over 4,000 years, which is present obviously in the treasure of folk literature such as legends, local folklore festivals, cuisine or French constructions like temples, tombs and historical monuments built during French domination period. Nowadays, travelers go to Vietnam not only to relax but also to explore the long history of a heroic nation.

4. Spectacular cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is very popular and highly appreciated by foreigners. On the map of the world’s cuisine, Vietnam has added some delicious well-known dishes like Pho (Noodles), Banh mi (Bread), Bun cha (grilled pork & noodles), Nem ran (spring rolls), etc.

Besides, street food on pavements with countless dishes is one of the things inspiring visitors to explore the daily life of the local people. Vietnamese food is light, not as spicy as Thai food, not decorated as elegantly as European style and not as greasy as Chinese food, etc. Foreigners can enjoy Pho all day without feeling sick of it, which is partly because there are many variations of Pho like Pho xao (stir-fried noodles), Pho cuon (rolled noodles), Pho chien phong (deep-fried noodles), Pho ga (chicken noodles), etc.

5. Tasty coffee

Coffee didn’t originally come from Vietnam but makes this country famous for a special type of coffee - egg coffee. Vietnamese connoisseurs often drink filtered coffee mixed with a little of condensed milk or egg to make it tastier. They don’t prefer instant coffee – an industrially mass-produced beverage.

Egg coffee is praised by many foreign newspapers as a unique, nutritious and delicious drink.

6. Fascinating markets        

Another special thing in Vietnam attracting curious visitors is fresh food sold in markets, not in supermarkets where is commonly full of frozen food.

Walking around markets across Vietnam, foreigners can see fish swimming in the pot, shrimp jumping in stalls, fresh warmish meat having bloody red as the pigs have just been slaughtered. A variety of fresh tropical vegetable and fruits are also fully filled in stalls, which makes visitors very excited.

7. Friendly and kind people

Most foreigners can feel the hospitality and thoughtfulness of Vietnamese people. Regardless of language barrier, they are ready to show you the shortest way to get to their destination or help you catch the bus when needed. Surely, they will quickly feel the friendliness and generosity of the Vietnamese, who are well-known as kind and diligent people.

8. Cheap travelling cost

Traveling cost to Vietnam is not as expensive as Tokyo (Japan), but there are countless interesting things to explore. Many foreign newspapers have ranked Vietnam on the top of the cheapest and most comfortable attraction compared to other countries.

According to Happy Lifestyle Journal, for example, with the same money spent on a 3-star hotel in New York, tourists can enjoy the high quality service in a 5-star hotel or luxury resort in Vietnam.

Even in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where living costs are considered expensive, also have many inexpensive hostels and homestays for Western backpackers.

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