Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of foreign tourists

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/Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of foreign tourists

In the eyes of international travelers, Vietnam is not only gifted with peaceful and marvelous landscapes, friendly and modest people but also an impressive cuisine.






Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most attractive and unique cultural factors for visitors. Like other Asian countries, Vietnamese traditional dishes are healthy and satisfy their tastes.

Each Vietnamese dish is a harmony of 5 tastes (salty, sweet, sour, spicy, hot), which brings visitors a lively and memorable experience.

Emphasized delicious breakfast

Vietnamese habit of having a moderate and nutritious breakfast makes a strong impression on Westerners. They usually get up early for their first regular activities of the day, so they need enough energy for the whole hard-working day.

To start a new day, Vietnamese are rarely seen to have breakfast with grain, salad or sugary food like Westerners, but they enjoy a meal high in energy such as bread, Phở (rice noodles), rice, gruel, or hot steamed sticky rice with meat, meat floss, egg, etc.

Phở (rice noodles) is chosen for breakfast by many people. Besides, lots of housewives get up early to prepare quick breakfast for their family like bread, steamed sticky rice, gruel, etc. or a light meal so as to gather all members together.

Unique noshes / desserts

Experiencing hot and humid climate, Vietnamese prefer fresh watery dishes such as sweet gruel, fruit juice, milk, etc. Foreigners also have opportunities to enjoy various kinds of colorful sweet gruel with different recipes such as miscellaneous sweet soup, Thai sweet soup, soya bean curd, sweet corn soup, etc. 

Unlike Westerners who prefer small amount of desserts after meals, Vietnamese enjoy those noshes in the late afternoon or in the evening when wandering around street restaurants. Maybe that’s why tourists’ health must be good enough if they want all of those to satisfy their tastes.

Coffee culture

Vietnam is well-known as the second largest coffee exporting country, so it is not surprisingly that foreigners may feel its culture is so special. As a tasty beverage, Vietnamese coffee strongly impresses those who enjoy it and make them feel a little bit drunk all day. 

Iced coffee with milk is the most popular drink. Tourists can see many coffee shops with unique space on the streets across cities and provinces nationwide. It is the main drink of Vietnamese, especially the middle-aged.

Along streets, Vietnamese are easily seen sitting on pavements and enjoying a cup of đen đá (iced black coffee) or nâu đá (iced coffee with condensed milk). A spacious shop is not needed since they can sit at small ones in the narrow alleys or lanes of old cities to enjoy the beauty of crowed streets in the slight cold. Especially, in every weekend morning, not wasting such a precious day, Hanoi people get up early, looking for their familiar coffee shops to meet their friends and read newspapers after enjoying breakfast.

Blood pudding

It is made from blood of animals, usually poultries, pigs, goats, etc. According to Vietnamese folk cuisine, when slaughtering these animals, the cook of a family never forgets to prepare this special dish for their meal, which basically comprises various dishes.

In order to have a tasty one, the cook must be experienced and skillful.  Each bowl of blood pudding contains cooked chopped meat, processed fresh blood, fish sauce, herbs, peanuts, etc.

Foreigners, who don’t dare to try it, can only hear that it is fresh, tasty and slightly sour. In many local festivals or celebrations, the residents will make local meat dishes together with blood pudding and other finger food.

Fish sauce

This main material of Vietnamese cuisine is present in many countries over the world. A bowl of the pure fish sauce or added lemon, garlic and chili is indispensable to daily meals of any Vietnamese families.

It is made by fermenting anchovies with salt. When the time is right, the pure fish sauce doesn’t taste too fishy but its saltiness harmonizes with sweetness as being seasoned with other ingredients.

Fish sauce is the common material for the sauce of many Vietnamese dishes such as chả giò (spring rolls), bún chả (of grilled pork and rice noodle), nộm (sweet and sour grated salad), etc. Without it, lots of dishes may lose their natural perfection when being introduced to international visitors.

Welcome to our wonderful S-shaped country to enjoy the most spectacular dishes!

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