Types Of Visa For International Tourist In Vietnam

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/Types Of Visa For International Tourist In Vietnam

Vietnam Visa is a compulsory certificate issued by Vietnamese Government for anyone who want to entry and travel to Vietnam. Vietnam Visa Service provides an integrated view for foreigners in this article.

Types Of Visa For International Tourist In Vietnam

Before setting plan to travel in Vietnam, you have to apply visa for tourist. Nowadays, more and more people want to travel to Vietnam. If you want to make your trip be more convenient, you have to complete first step: Applying For Vietnam Visa. Vietnam Visa Service will introduce the type of visas for foreigners who want to travel to Vietnam. Check it out.

Vietnam Visa is a compulsory certificate issued by Vietnamese Government for anyone who want to entry and travel to Vietnam. Vietnam Visa Service provides an integrated view for foreigners in this article.

Visa On Arrival – Cheap and simple

If you don’t want to spend too much time and money for apply Vietnam visa, you should choose Visa on Arrival ( V.O.A). Applying Vietnam Visa on Arrival sounds simple enough, but in fact, you will still have to apply for a Vietnam Visa. First of all, you have to enter the Embassy of Vietnam’s website, choosing visa option suits you and complete the form.


Secondly, you must contact a travel agent for the approval letter. Your name will be mentioned in the letter, with others name. If you want get a letter with only your name in there, you have to pay more.

The approval letter is one of the most important thing if you want to apply for Vietnam visa, this letter also be stamped with a red seal at the end of the paper, this proves that approval letter has been recognized by Vietnamese Government.

Don’t forget carry the approval letter with you, when you arrive in Noi Bai airport or Tan Son Nhat Airport, you must go to special reception desk. Presenting your approval letter, passport and prepare money to pay for Vietnam Visa. Vietnamese Immigration officers will give you Vietnam Visa. It is ease method to apply for Vietnam Visa, isn’t it?

E-Visa Vietnam – Great way to apply for Vietnam Visa

E – visa Vietnam is short for Electronic visa. It is the legal permit to allow foreigners to enter the border and for domestic tourism. At the moment, e-visa Vietnam is the latest form of visa. E – visa Vietnam is accepted in 28 entry point in Vietnam. You can use E – visa Vietnam when you travel to Vietnam by air, seas or lands.

The original form is the sticker format on the passport. Applications must complete a visa application and submitted at the consulate, waiting for approval and return on another day to get your visa. Checking personal identification is general process for all types of Vietnam visa.

How to apply for e – visa Vietnam ?

You must enter the Vietnamese Embassy’s website and you have to download your E- visa authorization letter. Vietnamese Embassy’s system will send for you an approval letter to your email address. When you come to Vietnam, officers at Customs Vietnam Office can confirm the authenticity e –visa on the government’s internal website.

Vietnam Visa Service has an advice for anyone who want to apply for E Visa Vietnam: You have to keep your approval letter with you, and saved other letter in your phones, tablets or laptop in case the government’s internal website has troubles.

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