Things to know when entering Vietnam airport

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/Things to know when entering Vietnam airport

You already had a VN visa, right? Well, now is the time for you to learn about immigration regulations. Many first-time visitors to Vietnam feel anxious about immigration procedures here. Many people even have trouble with the customs office at the airport because they are not aware of the regulations issued. In this article, VV will provide you with information about entry at TSN airport - HCMC. Don't miss out, guys!



Security check forces at TSN airport

According to the TSN international Airport Customs Branch, at the present Tan Son Nhat International Airport, there are functional units performing the following tasks:

Immigration police (Tan Son Nhat airport police station): check passports, issue and stamp visas; checking the duration of temporary residence; controlling people (not controlling luggage and imported goods).

- Customs (Tan Son Nhat international Airport Customs Branch): Checking baggage of people on exit and entry to prevent smuggling and illegal transportation of foreign currency, Vietnamese currency, gold, precious metals, gemstones and cross-border goods: goods banned from export and import; checking permits for conditional export and import goods, refund VAT on luggage of people on exit, and import and export taxes (if any) for luggage of people on entry and exit.

Aviation security (Tan Son Nhat Aviation Security Center): Checking people and luggage of people on exit to ensure safety, aviation security and security at the airport (ensuring no weapons, Explosive materials, chemicals or other goods and objects may cause flight insecurity).

Airlines, representatives of ground service units such as Tiags, Sags have the duty to carry out airline procedures: check in, luggage weight, issue boarding pass (Boarding Pass), and transport luggage consignment from the conveyor belt to the plane and vice versa ..., searching for lost luggage, damaged, lost luggage ...

Notes on goods when entering Vietnam

Duty-free baggage entry limits: Alcohol and alcoholic beverages (1.5 liters of alcohol from 22 degrees or more, 2 liters of alcohol under 22 degrees, 3 liters of beer, alcoholic beverages); 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars, 500gr tobacco (these norms do not apply to people under 18); clothes and belongings suitable for trips and other goods (not on the list of goods banned from import or subject to conditional import) with a total value not exceeding VND 10 million.

List of goods banned from import: Provisions of the Decree 187/2013 / ND-CP of the Government, for example: weapons, ammunition, explosives, narcotics and drugs, used consumer goods, supplies and facilities... and other items regulated by ministries and branches.

List of conditional imports: Provisions of Decree 187/2013 / ND-CP of the Government and other ministries and regulations, for example: chemicals, medical equipment, pre-substances, addictive drugs psychotropic drugs, explosives ...

Regarding the amount of money: According to Clause 1, Article 2 of the Circular No. 15/2011 / TT-NHNN dated August 12, 2011, when leaving or entering Vietnam through international border gates of Vietnam with passports foreign currencies in cash, Vietnam dong, above the prescribed level (USD 5,000 or other foreign currencies of equivalent value; $15 million VND) must declare to the border-gate customs offices.

Each passenger can carry no more than 1 liter of liquid, each liquid container is not more than 100ml and must be stored in a transparent plastic bag as required because they can be opened for X-screening or screening. Optical at the security door at the airport.

The above are the notes to remember when entering Vietnam, in the school, you have any problems need help, don't forget to contact VV. Good luck guys!

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