Reasons your Vietnam visa extension may be refused

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/Reasons your Vietnam visa extension may be refused

Foreigners who have Vietnam visa will be allowed to enter, and they can also apply for visa extension to stay longer when it expires. However, in some cases, they cannot extend. Why?






Recently, since economies among countries have grown and exchanged to each other, entry and exit become more popular. To tighten security, each country has different regulations to ensure the safety of its people as well as foreign visitors. That is the reason why Vietnam visa extension procedures for foreigners become more difficult with stricter regulations.

Approved cases of Vietnam visa extension:

- Foreigners enter Vietnam to visit family or travel

- Foreign investors

- Foreigners are heads of representative offices of non-governmental organizations

- Foreign lawyers whose work permits are issued by Ministry of Justice of Vietnam

- Foreign labors who are issued Vietnamese work permits

You can be refused a visa extension because of the following mistakes:

- You apply too late. It should be applied before visa expires at least 03 days.

- The current entry purpose differs from the purpose of the previous application.

- Provide inaccurate or misleading information.

- The plan to study, travel or work is not genuine. For example, you apply for a visa extension with the purpose of overseas studying while the school has not accepted your application.

- Your names on all documents are not the same. Maybe the names on documents of your schools or companies applications do not match yours.

- Bogus documents of working status, academic transcript or finance.

- Evidences or relevant information about the sponsors, relatives, work place, etc. are not provided enough.

- You do not follow the procedures.

Other problems:

+ Bad school report with poor comments about morality.

+ Negative comments at workplace, etc.

+ You were fined many times due to crimes, theft or other social problems during previous trips.

You can be refused if extension purpose differs from your current visa symbol:

- You cannot change the visa symbol:

For example, if your visa symbol is DL, this means you enter Vietnam for tourism only. In case you want to change it into labor purpose, the visa you need must be symbolized as LĐ. In this case, you are not allowed to extend. The only way is to exit Vietnam, apply for another visa with the appropriate purpose and then re-enter.

- Your visa is not permitted to extend:

If your visa symbol is SQ, you have to leave Vietnam, apply for a visa with the different symbol and re-enter.

- Normally accepted cases of extension:

+ Visa DN or NN3 with the company’s documents attached.

+ Visa DL or you can ask for support from the international travel agency if you are visa exempted.

+ Visa TT or VR (relatives visit) with the guarantee of your relatives

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