How to apply Vietnam Visa For Chinese

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/How to apply Vietnam Visa For Chinese

Vietnam is a great destination for many people, including China. Chinese people come to Vietnam for many reasons: tourism, investment, marriage, etc. Although Vietnam is close to the Chinese border, the Vietnamese government stipulates that Chinese must apply for a visa to Vietnam. In this article, Vietnam Visa will share with you important information, how to apply Vietnam visa for Chinese.




Applying for Vietnam visa  at Vn embassy in China or a third country

This is considered the most popular way to apply for a Vietnam visa, which is adopted by many Chinese. In this way, Chinese nationals will prepare the necessary documents, then submit them to the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in China or in a third country. (For example, Chinese people in Laos can do it at the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos).

• Vietnamese Embassy in China:

Address: No 32 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, PC: 100600

Phone: + 86-10-65321155

Fax: + 86-10-65325720

Email: [email protected]

• Vietnamese Consulate General in Kunming (China):

Address: Room 507, Hong Ta Mansion, No 155, Beijing Road, Kunming, China

Phone: 86-871-3522669; +868713515889

Fax: 86-871-3516667

Email: [email protected]

• Vietnam Consulate General in Nanning (China):

Address: 27th floor Yahang Wealth Center, No55, Jinhu Road, Nanning, China

Phone: + 86-771-5510560

Fax: + 86-771-5534738

Email: tlsqvn. @ or [email protected]

• Vietnam Consulate General in Guangzhou (China):

Address: 2F, B Building, Hotel Landmark Canton, Haizhu Square, Guangzhou, 510115

Phone: 83305911, 83305910

Fax: 83305915

Email: [email protected]

• Vietnam Consulate General in Shanghai (China)

Address: 3F, Huachen financial mansion. No 900, Pudong Ave, Shanghai. Postcode: 200135

Phone: + 86-21-68555871 / 68555872/13472652588

Fax: + 86-21-68555873

Email: [email protected]

After receiving the application, the diplomatic representative will discuss with the Vietnamese side to review the applicant's information. If you meet the entry requirements, then they will give you a visa.

Evaluate how to apply Vietnam visa for Chinese through embassy of Vietnam


- Visa issued will be stick on the passport;

- Can apply for all types of visas in this form.


-  complicated procedures;

- Spending a lot of time, not suitable for emergencies;

- Probably denied.

Apply visa for chinese by E - visa

Electronic visas, e-visas or evisa are one of the new policies that Vietnam has just applied to shorten administrative procedures. Currently, the Government of Vietnam has adopted this form for 40 countries and territories, including China.

Applying for a Vietnamese visa for Chinese people in this case, will be done via the web portal at You log in then fill in the information, follow the steps like instructions and get results.


- More convenient than the first form, just enter the correct information and wait for approval;

- Cheap fees due to reduce some stages.


- Difficult to use website interface, not user friendly;

- Only applicable to some types of visas;

- Time for waiting for approval is long.

Apply visa for chinese by using Approval letter

This is a form of Vietnam visa for Chinese people with many advantages and most used.

In order to be able to apply for a Vietnamese visa in this form, Chinese people must contact international travel companies and reputable organizations that can guarantee their customers and partners to Vietnam. with many different purposes.

These companies and organizations will apply for a guarantee of foreigners entering Vietnam and get approval from the Immigration Department. Upon approval, the Chinese will receive an Official Letter of Entry and may proceed with entry procedures to Vietnam at the international border gate where they were originally registered.

Advantages: Quick, responsive to urgent needs, the possibility of obtaining a high visa

Disadvantages: Only visa can be stamped at Vietnam international airport.

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