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More and more foreigners come to Vietnam to work and travel. Therefore, Vietnam visa has become a problem that many foreigners care about. In this article, Vietnam Visa Service will provide you with the necessary information about the Vietnam Visa application process. Let's discover, guys !





Application process for Vietnam visa

Step 1: Prepare documents as prescribed by law.

Step 2: Applying

1. Vietnamese agencies, organizations, Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who lawfully reside in Vietnam shall submit their applications to one of the three working offices of the Immigration Department of Vietnam - Ministry of Public Security:

a) 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

b) 254 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

c) 7 Trần Quý Cáp, Đà Nẵng City

 2. Officials receive documents to check the legality and contents of documents:

 + If it is complete, valid, then receive the application, print and hand it to the receipt, set the date to return the result.

 + If the application is not valid, the officer who receives the application will instruct the submitter to supplement the application in full.

 * Application time: from Monday to Saturday every week (except Tet, holidays and Sundays).

Step 3: Get results

a) Persons who come to receive the results shall receive a receipt, identity card or passport for the officer to return the results of the examination and comparison, and if the result is available, he / she will request the person to receive the fee payment and sign the receipt.

How to do it: Directly at the office of the Immigration Department of Vietnam of Ministry of Public Security.

Composition of file number

+ Composition of documents: Declaration for grant, supplement, visa adjustment and temporary residence extension (form NA5).

 + Number of files: 01 (one) set.

Processing time: Within 5 working days from the date of receipt of complete application file.

Subjects of implementation: Agencies, organizations and foreigners legally residing in Vietnam.

Results of implementing administrative procedures: issuing visas to foreigners and Vietnamese passport holders.

Fees + Granting a valid visa once: $45 USD

 + Granting a valid visa: Less than 01 month: $65 USD, under 06 months: $95 USD, 06 months or more: $135 USD

 + Transfers the value of visa, temporary residence from old passport which has expired to the new passport: $15 USD

Name of application form, declaration form: Declaration for grant, supplement, visa adjustment, temporary residence extension (form NA5).

Requirements and conditions for implementation

     1. Agencies and organizations requesting the grant, supplement and amendment of visas, temporary residence extension for foreigners and Vietnamese carrying foreign passports have applications evidencing their legal status at the Immigration Department of Vietnam- Ministry of Public Security in accordance with Law No. 47/2014 / QH13, dated 16/6/2014.

  2. Foreigners and Vietnamese who hold foreign passports have a valid passport, have a visa (except visa exemption), and a temporary residence certificate issued by a Vietnamese competent authority, residing in Vietnam and not "have not been allowed to enter Vietnam" or are not subject to "temporary suspension of exit".

 3. Vietnamese citizens who request the grant, supplement and amendment of visas and temporary residence extension for foreigners and Vietnamese passport holders must have the father, mother, wife, husband and child relationship with foreigners or Vietnamese people who holding foreign passports (presenting proof of relationship)

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