Entry and exit procedures in Vietnam - All things you need to know

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/Entry and exit procedures in Vietnam - All things you need to know

Many customers ask VV questions about the entry and exit of Vietnam, especially those who come to Vietnam first time. Although there are many tourists have VN visas, but there are still problems when entering or leaving Vietnam. VV will provide exit and entry procedures in Vietnam for international visitors. Let's find out.


Exit procedure for visitors
Step 1: Present your passport, airline ticket, invoice or ticket code to the security forces at the entrance to the international terminal.
Step 2: Aviation procedures: check in, luggage weighted, receive boarding pass (Boarding Pass), receipt of checked baggage (number of receipts equivalent to the number of packages) ... at counters procedures of airlines. Baggage allowance set by airlines, for example, the popular ticket class is carried with 01 piece of hand baggage not exceeding 7kg, if exceeding, it is required to pay an additional fee for the airline. Checked and portable baggage exceeds the limit of consideration by airlines.
Step 3: Bringing checked baggage to the conveyor belt to the customs force and aviation security force simultaneously screening and checking. If a violation is found, it will make a written record and handle it depending on each specific case.
Step 4: Take your hand baggage to the customs screening area. If a violation is detected, it shall make a written record and deal with it on a case-by-case basis or collect export tax (if any).
Step 5: Present passport, boarding pass, declare the time of staying at the counter to exit procedures of the Border Guard Force (Tan Son Nhat Airport Border Guard Station), to check and seal visa, etc.

Step 6: Passengers bring hand luggage through scanners of the Aviation Security force. This force will prevent dangerous materials (knives, scissors, nail clippers ...); liquid (perfume, soy sauce, fish sauce ...); foods, smelling fruits (such as durian, dried shrimp, ham, sausages ...). Passengers go through the door of the Aviation Security force to check one by one.
Step 7: Passengers entering the area wait for the arrival of the boarding pass and passport for the airline staff to board the aircraft.
Step 8: (applicable to flights from Vietnam to Australia): present the card to the aircraft, passport, hand baggage for the Aviation Security Force to conduct one more visual inspection and check with a metal detector at the departure door before boarding an aircraft.
Process of entry into Vietnam
For foreign tourists who come to Vietnam for the first time, the following steps need to be taken:
Step 1: Medical examination from epidemic areas (if any).
Step 2: Present passport, declare the place and time of temporary residence in Vietnam to the Immigration Police Force (Tan Son Nhat Airport Border Guard Station) to check and seal visa or grant on-site visa. This is done right after the passenger from the plane enters the airport.
Step 3: After the visa has been stamped, the entry visitor receives checked baggage at the conveyor.
Step 4: Passengers take luggage from the conveyor belt to the luggage screening area of ​​the customs force (Import Baggage Procedures Team, Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Gate). Customs forces will collect taxes (if any); make records and handle violations if detecting any violations.
Step 5: Go through the security force's control door to exit the airport.

For lost luggage: Airlines are responsible for finding lost and mistaken luggage to return to passengers on entry and exit; receiving passengers' complaints, handling and compensating damages (if any) for lost, broken or damaged luggage ... /.
Above are the information you need to know when you want to enter and exit Vietnam. If you have any questions, don't forget to contact VV for more information.

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