6 tips tourists should know before visiting Vietnam

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/6 tips tourists should know before visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is known as a country endowed with many beautiful tourist attractions. However, to fully discover this S-shaped country, many foreign visitors still don’t learn much about it in advance. To help you grasp basic things about Vietnam, the following article will share some tips and experience for those who are planning to visit Vietnam in the near future.





The most convenient means of transportation: Motorbikes

Means of transportation moving in big cities in Vietnam mainly are motorbikes, taxis, buses, etc. Coming here for the first time, you can use those vehicles. Nevertheless, for convenience and ease, you should rent a motorbike package at hotels or hostels where you are staying. Motorbike rental is usually reasonable, from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND/day.

With a motorbike, you can move smoothly even in a traffic jam at rush hour in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

No need to exchange money to Vietnamese Dong

When traveling to Vietnam, it’s not necessary to exchange your money to Vietnamese Dong since many stores accept the payment in dollars. However, for convenience in most situations, don’t forget to exchange your money. USD/VND exchange rate fluctuates around 23,000 VND.

To avoid being confused when using Vietnamese Dong papers, you’d better distinguish their colors and numbers first.

A Sim should be bought on arrival

As soon as the plane lands in Vietnam, you should buy a Sim at the airport to contact your relatives and friends to show them where you are staying. When your phone runs out of money, you can buy other cards at any grocery stores in the city. It is very easy, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Free Wi-Fi

In Vietnam, wherever you are - hotels, homestays, restaurants or coffee shops, certainly, the first thing to do is checking in your Facebook.

To upload photos or make phone calls through Zalo or Viber, 3G service is a must. However, all you need is a stable free Wi-Fi access. Don’t worry about this as you can surf the Internet and contact your friends freely in most hotels and restaurants in Vietnam.

Vietnamese can communicate in English

Due to the language barrier, many foreigners think that they will have trouble in communicating and asking for directions in Vietnam. In fact, many Vietnamese can speak some simple English sentences.

Specially, young university and college students are fond of talking to foreigners simply to improve their English.

Be well-prepared for weather

Vietnam is influenced by tropical monsoon climate. It’s very hot in summer, so personal items such as umbrellas, sunscreen or sunglasses should be well-prepared. Winter in the North is extremely cold, so do not forget to wear thick coat. In brief, you should bring suitable clothes to protect your health.

Today, it’s common that many foreign tourists choose Vietnam as an ideal destination to discover well-known places there. Just grasp those tips before coming here and surely, you will not want to leave Vietnam - a friendly country always warmly welcomes you.

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